Assembly and structural units

Assembly and structural units

Assembly and structural units

New Assembly Units 2019

New Assembly Units 2019

New Assembly Units 2019

New investment 2019

New investment 2019

Machining of rotating parts DMG MORI NLX 2500SY-700

New investment 2019

New investment 2019

5-axis machining center DMU 60 evo



In 2015, the company GENICZECH-M will expand its production capabilities, especially thanks to the purchase of 5-axis machining center GROB G550 and vertical milling center KAFO VMC-1688

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In this challenging year, we focused on the company's digital transformation project and the expansion of our machinery, especially in terms of rotary machining.
We purchased 2-new CNC lathes, which we use in 2-machine operation, namely the Goodway GL-3000l CNC lathe and the SMEC SL4500A CNC lathe.
The biggest investment was a 5-axis machine tool with a DMC 90U pallet.
This year we also successfully implemented the MES system, where all CNC machines were interconnected for efficient data collection, monitoring of production equipment and also the transition to a paperless production system.
We have also been very successful in establishing a lasting collaboration in machine assembly.


Extension to the building No. 54 – extension of the space for the assembly department.

Digital transformation project GENICZECH-M spol. s r.o.



Modernisation of the production equipment – purchase of 5-axis machine DMU 60eVo and CNC lathe with the drived tools DMG MORI NLX 2500/700 with the  control system M730UM s CELOS, outbuilding of the production hall – increasing of the assembly department.




Increasing of the productivity by the purchasing of the new machine MCFV 1060 with palletizing and 5-axis machine DMU 60 eVo working in multi-machines operation. Purchase of the new set-up machine Zoller with the direct measuring of the tools corrections, implementation of the video conference room for faster and efficient communication with the foreign customers.



Extention of building 54 expansion of storage and manufacturing space, stabilization of production porftoli, obtaining of serial and repeatable work from exiting customers.



Modernization of old conventional machines, expanding of cooperation with technical schools in the region.



Obtaining of grant program within the project „Development” and purchasing of new technologies for CNC machining with bigger range and precision of machining surfaces.



Purchasing of portal center, effort to promote engineering as part of the event „Engineering perspective for young people”, General partner of the exhibition of significant Zlín native architect Eva Jiřičná.



Completion of a training centre and a complete reconstruction of the building 53/2 – purchase of three modern machining centers – implementation of the „Educate for Grow” project, upgrade qualification of our employees, owner of the company was awarded Entrepreneur of the Zlín Region.



Purchase of new CNC machines with wider range of machine surfaces and achieving higher accuracy.



Expansion of production areas and getting additional capacity not only for production of parts, but also for other assemblies of machine groups – stabilization of professional CNC operators.



Completion of the first phase of reconstruction of production areas in order to optimize the process flow – by reconstruction of the building were created new administrative areas that are rented – the company strengthened its position in customer companies regarding quality and delivery terms.



Implementation of new technologies and CNC machine tools enabling the production of high precision rotating parts and mainly cabinet parts in case of working in 5 axes - purchase 3D measuring machine including software for the design and programming CAD-CAM.



Obtaining of the ISO 9001 certificate: Quality management system – purchase of our own production building, where is concentrated complex production including material supervising and dispatch of our products.



Audit by foreign business partner Philips.



Significant modernization of production plant thanks to purchase of CNC machine tool.


1993 - 1995

Manufacturing of machinery parts for a strategic foreign partner and increasing our production capacity including building up a stronger team of engineering professionals.



Founding of company Geniczech-M, spol. s r.o. which is currently being run by the family.